The Data Driven Fund
for Women Entrepreneurs in Europe

The Data Driven Fund for Women Entrepreneurs in Europe

We are founders, innovators, startupers, angel investors, and we all once failed, got up, learnt and succeeded.

We believe Europe has so much more potential for innovation and growth than any other region and we want to be part of it. We see greater role of women as the key towards an economical growth and prosperity. Statistic shows, that if women in Europe were to play an identical role in the labour markets to that of men, the annual global GDP would increase by 26% by 2025?

Why diversity, why Women fund?

Companies with well balanced diversity grow and scale faster and prosper better. Studies show, that women-led companies and startups are in most cases built and run by more diverse teams ( by education, nationality, gender, backgrounds and religions etc.. ), contrary to men-led companies and startups.

Are you a female founder? ( or founder to be)?

Get in touch with us, whether you seek funds, a trusted partner or guidance on the journey of turning your idea into a profitable company. What we offer is lots of passion for business, diverse team, loads of experience and global network of potential partners, mentors and follow-on investors.

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