The Early Stage VC Fund for Women Entrepreneurs in Europe

Our Mission

About Us

At we strive to bolster the advancement of the European entrepreneurial environment by supporting the role of women entrepreneurs. We believe that by giving women entrepreneurs the support, community, and inspiration needed to take their ideas to the market, we can increase innovation and business growth throughout Europe.

What we do

Fund for Women Entrepreneurs

We are founders, innovators, “startupers”, angel investors, and, most importantly, we’ve all once failed. And then gotten up, learnt from mistakes, improved ourselves and, eventually, found success.

We believe Europe has so much more potential for innovation and growth and we want You to be part of it. We see a greater role for women as the key to innovation, economic growth and prosperity.

It’s been calculated that if women were to play an identical role in the labour markets, the annual global GDP would increase by 26%. We are not just talking about 9-to-5 jobs here. We want innovative businesses, up and comers, or anyone with the ambition and appetite to try something new to be a part of the conversation.

Why diversity, why a Women Fund?

The new millennia needs a new way of thinking and we believe women are the answer. Our experience and research shows that the majority of women-led companies and startups build teams that include more diverse nationalities, educational backgrounds, genders, religions, etc.

We are building to make an actionable statement of support to women founders in Europe. We will unite like-minded investors, mentors, successful entrepreneurs, as well as corporations and educational institutions to grow women entrepreneurs’ ranks. This will subsequently show that active focus on women founders is a great investment for everyone – investors, the economy, the startup ecosystem, and the future of Europe!

Are you a female founder (or soon-to-be founder)?

Get in touch with us! Whether you are looking for funding, a trusted partner, or guidance on the journey of turning your idea into a profitable company, we’re here for you. We offer an abundant supply of passion for business, a diverse team, ample experience, and global network of potential partners, mentors, and follow-on investors.

If you’re sitting on a great idea, want to know more about starting a company, or are looking to try something new, please send us your pitch deck! It will be confidentially reviewed and we’ll let you know immediately when we will be ready to invest.

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One of the key elements of succeeding in the world of business is networking, and we’ll make it easy to grow your network by inviting you to join ours! Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and you’ll instantly be welcomed into a growing community of like-minded beginners, founders, and investors. Each month, we showcase talented women founders from around Europe as well as offering targeted advice and encouragement to keep you going as you build your business.

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Looking for More Inspiration?

Want some more information, motivation, or guidance to kick start your business drive? We offer all three in our wFund Academy! Joining the Academy is completely free and provides you with a step-by-step guide to get you from idea to pitch deck to business founder. With access to a professionally curated network of like-minded people with the ideas and drive to bring their dreams to fruition, you won’t have to go it alone to start your business career. Get inspired and start the path to becoming an entrepreneur!