37 Women Who Are Disrupting the Status Quo and Championing Gender Diversity in Advertising and Tech

It should come as a shock to no one that there is a serious lack of gender diversity in C-suites across the country. Currently, just over 4 percent of Fortune 500 companies are led by a female CEO, while only 19 percent of their senior management positions are held by women. In the advertising industry, a mere 11 percent of creative directors are female… More

Seattle Diversity & Inclusion Leader Spotlight: Cheryl Ingram, CEO of Diverse City

In today’s Diversity & Inclusion Leader Spotlight, we hear from Cheryl Ingram, PhD, CEO and Founder of Diverse City LLC. Diverse City offers the development and implementation of long term high quality, diversity, inclusion, and equity strategies, policies, and practices. Change Catalyst is honored to feature Cheryl as one of our speakers at the Tech Inclusion Seattle Conference… More

Venture Capital Firms With More Teenage Daughters Perform Better

Here’s one more way of getting better performance from your venture capital fund: Hire more partners with teenage daughters. And no — it’s not that teenage girls totally get the next hot investing opportunity (like Snapchat). That’s according to a working paper recently posted on the National Bureau of Economic Research by Harvard University professor Paul Gompers and… More

Female CEOs Are Out-Earning Their Male Counterparts

It’s a lucrative time to be a female CEO. According to an analysis by executive data firm Equilar and The Associated Press, the median pay for a female chief executive was $13.1 million last year. Male CEOs, on the other hand, earned $11.4 million. Both numbers represent an increase of 9% over the year before. The highest-paid female CEOs of 2016 were IBM’s… More

New research shows that UK VC firms are dominated by men

When it comes to boosting the number of women in tech, people often focus on how many women take up technical subjects like engineering. But there’s another area where women are significantly underrepresented, which potentially has a huge impact on the tech ecosystem. Venture capital plays a major role in making or breaking tech startups — Facebook, Snapchat… More

State Street Takes On Wall Street’s Gender Gap

When the Fearless Girl statue appeared in lower Manhattan in March, it was, for a while, almost impossible to escape her. Here was a little girl, about four feet tall, staring down the massive bronze Charging Bull, a testosterone-charged symbol of Wall Street bravado. The imagery was captivating: High finance, Fearless Girl affirmed, was a woman’s world too… More

Men Still Get the Best-Paying Jobs

The gender pay gap has long been a reality for women in the workforce. According to the American Association of University Women, women with full-time jobs earned 80% of the pay their male counterparts did in 2015. Women face pay gaps in nearly every occupation. The Persistence of the Gender Pay Gap. Climbing the ranks of the career ladder may lead… More

Why is Russia so good at encouraging women into tech?

Irina Khoroshko, from Zelenograd near Moscow, had learned her times tables by the age of five. Her precocious talent, encouraged by a maths-mad family and a favourite female teacher who transformed every lesson into one giant problem-solving game, led to a degree in mathematical economics at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. “My lecturer instilled in me the power of numbers… More

Pay Equity & Discrimination

Women are almost half of the workforce. They are the sole or co-breadwinner in half of American families with children. They receive more college and graduate degrees than men. Yet, on average, women continue to earn considerably less than men. In 2015, female full-time, year-round workers made only 80 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 20 percent… More

Law Firms’ Gender Diversity Programs Aren’t Keeping Women in the Industry

All those gender diversity initiatives at large law firms? They don’t seem to be making a difference. New data from ALM Legal Intelligence finds that women account for just over 30% of lawyers at the nation’s 200 largest firms by revenue – a share that hasn’t budged in the past five years… More

These Women Are Smashing The Glass Ceiling In Asia -- And They're All Under 30

Now more than ever, women in Asia are making headlines — and for very good reasons. Among our list of 300 game-changers are some inspiring young women who are not afraid to speak up, take the lead and venture into territories thought to be reserved for the other sex. From a football coach and a wrestler defying stereotypes of femininity, to brave thought leaders who… More

Female Founders On An Upward Trend, According To CrunchBase

Anyone working in the startup world knows intuitively that women are not well represented in technical or founder roles — and that quantifying the issue is difficult because data is so scarce. In 2013, Pinterest technologist Tracy Chou famously highlighted the issue in her post, “Where are the numbers?, which exposed the lack of published data from startups and mainstream… More

Please Stop Trying To “Empower” Women With Cutesy Titles

If you’ve been reading about recent troubles at Thinx or last year’s shakeup at Nasty Gal, you’ve likely seen reference to a new job title: the “SHE-EO.” How is a SHE-EO different than a CEO, you might wonder? Does she have a specially bedazzled pink office filled with scented candles? Is she super in touch with her emotions? Or maybe her speech is riddled with vocal fry and… More

4 of the 10 Highest-Paid CEOs Are Now Women

Women accounted for four of the top 10 highest-paid CEOs in U.S. last year. That’s a big jump over 2015, when just two female chiefs made the cut. Safra Catz of Oracle (No. 5), Meg Whitman of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (No. 6), Ginni Rometty of IBM (No. 8), and Indra… More

10 Great Companies For Women In 2016

Are you looking to forge a career within a company known for offering great opportunities for women in leadership roles? We’ve found a researched list of firms that do just that. The National Association for Females Executives (NAFE), a division of Working Mother magazine publisher Working Mother Media, has released its annual compilation of 60 firms that have proven… More

Companies With the Most (and Least) Female Leadership

Employment opportunities for women have improved significantly in the past 50 years — and so has the wage gap. When the equal pay act was passed in 1963, women earned 59 cents for every dollar men in the same job. Since then, the gap has narrowed to nearly 80 cents for every dollar. Representation of women in the labor force has also improved from 30% of employed… More

Why it is Important for Men to Support Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling

When I began researching glass ceilings there were questions as to why a man was tackling the issue of in the first place. After all, this is a women’s issue, isn’t it? My personal reason for supporting women breaking glass ceilings is very simple. My mom was part of the first all-women insurance sales team in Iowa for American Mutual Life in the early 1960s… More

Women-Owned Businesses. NWBC Analysis of 2012 Survey of Business Owners

There are 9,878,397 women-owned businesses1 in the United States. That’s an increase of 2,086,282 businesses, or 26.8%, from 2007. Of nonfarm and privately-held businesses, 36.3% are women-owned, in 2007, 28.8% were women-owned. Women-owned businesses generated $1.4 trillion in receipts… More

10 Tips For Leaders To Support Workplace Diversity, Part 1: Things To Do At Work

As leaders, our words and actions have a great impact on workplace diversity. Here are several simple things you can do at work that will make your workplace more inclusive, while boosting morale and increasing performance. In Part 2 we focus on things leaders can do outside of the workplace, which nonetheless impact the workplace… More

10 Tips For Leaders To Support Workplace Diversity, Part 2: Outside Work

As leaders, our words and actions can have a great impact on workplace diversity. In part 1 of this blog, we offered several tips for things you can do within the work environment. We now offer several ideas for simple things you can do outside of the work environment that will have a positive impact on your ability to support diversity and inclusion at work… More

Florida may be the first state to close the gender wage gap

Florida may be the first state to close the gender wage gap. Women in Wyoming, however, may have to wait until year 2153 until they make as much as their male counterparts. That’s according to projections released by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research on Wednesday… More

That Time You Failed to Follow Up on Diversity

Last week was International Women’s Day. My Twitter feed was full of people talking about diversity, how to be better allies, and how to better support Women in Tech. For many of us, IWD is complicated. On the one hand, it’s refreshing to see so many people talking about sexist BS, naming it, and calling it out. On the other hand, it’s one day out of 365… More

The number of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 is actually declining

We’d like progress to be a smooth, upward trajectory, where every year things are better than the year before. But sometimes there’s a reversal. Such is the case with the number of women running America’s largest companies. After years of increasing, that number fell to 21 from 24 last year, according to Fortune, which today (June 6) released its list of the 500 biggest companies… More

Physical differences between a man and a woman’s brain

Women are now occupying or vying for some of the most important positions across the world – President of South Korea and Taiwan, Prime Minister of the UK, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Namibia, Chair of the US Federal Reserve, State Bank of India, and Head of the IMF to name a few… More

Learn from Uber’s Mistakes and Stop Gaslighting Women In Tech

As you may have heard, software engineer, tech blogger, and former Uber employee Susan J. Fowler recently came forward and shared her story about the gross mistreatment she experienced from senior leaders and HR at Uber. Before I go any further, I want to acknowledge the bravery Susan took in sharing her story so publicly and thank her for shining a light on such a… More

Women aren’t failing at science – science is failing women

Female research scientists are more productive than their male colleagues, though they are widely perceived as being less so. Women are also rewarded less for their scientific achievements. That’s according to my team’s recent study for United Nations University – Merit on gender inequality in scientific research in Mexico, published as a working paper in December 2016… More

Saudi Bank Samba Follows Bourse in Naming Woman to Top Position

Saudi Arabia’s Samba Financial Group named Rania Mahmoud Nashar as chief executive officer, the second woman to ascend to a top finance position in recent days as the conservative kingdom goes through unprecedented social and economic change. Nashar’s appointment is effective Feb. 19, according to a statement to the stock exchange on Sunday. She replaces Sajjad… More

Why aren’t there more women crashing the Glass Ceiling?

86 percent of female millennial entrepreneurs have left corporate jobs to build their own companies and are disrupting corporate convention, taking the leap out of their corporate career to launch private businesses or start a side-hustle to allow them to work on their passion. Also, more and more women are prominently planting their flags in the investment game… More